This Site is Closing Soon

The Community Calendar site was started in 2003, after the Labyrinth was closed leaving Colorado with no BDSM membership clubs. The community needed a way to find out what events were going on, so ColoradoBDSM was set up with the idea that all the groups in the state would post their events there instead of each group having their own calendar.

Over the past 10 years the comunity has changed. Most of the online activity is on FetLife and Facebook, and groups post their events there. The Calendar is just another place to have to post, and most of the membership clubs don’t post to the Calendar any more. If they do, and they have to cancel or change an event, they often forget to update the Calendar and I get a complaint from someone who showed up and no one was there.

I’ve been running the calendar by myself since it was started. It’s been a labor of love, but recently the labor has started to outweigh the love. And I just got a message from the company that develops the software that runs the site. My license is up for renewal in a week, and it would cost almost $500 to renew for another year. That’s just not in my budget any more.

I don’t know if the software will continue to operate after the license expires. But regardless I will be shutting the Calendar down in a couple of weeks. I’ll leave the Resources page up for a while, but the site will close completely by the end of April.

If you want to connect with the Colorado community, set up an account on, you’ll find everything you need there.

~~ Master Grey