Event Manager Users Guide

This guide should give you the information you need to manage your events on the Community Calendar. If you have any questions after reading the guide, fill out the Contact form and let us know.

How the Calendar Works

The Colorado BDSM Community Calendar was established in 2003 to provide a central place for organizations to post their events. We provide the structure… the website, calendar software, and technical support… and the community manages the events.


Every system has its own jargon, and the calendar software is no exception. There are some terms you’ll need to know in order to use the Calendar effectively.

Event Manager

That’s you! You have an account on the system that allows you to manage your events.


An Organizer is an entity that hosts events. Examples of Organizers are clubz, organizations,  munches, discussion groups, and educational classes.


A Venue is a physical location where an event takes place.


An Event is something that happens at a specific location, at a specific date and time.

Front End

In web development terminology, the “front end” of a site is what the visitor sees when they view the site.

Back End

In web development terminology, the “back end” is the admin panel that allows site configuration and content management.

What To Do Next

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Managing Events

Posting Guidelines